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Leave a Legacy, Not a Mess

Departing this mortal coil can be a complicated and damaging affair; stories abound of families emerging from a death with bruised fortunes, internecine fighting, and muddled medical directives. For many, fear and denial prevents proper planning around death and incapacitation, allowing a conventional taboo to precipitate painful outcomes. 


Of course, we are all mortal, and there’s an unavoidable end to our time on Earth, but discussing that inevitability can be more off-putting than a family chat about the birds and the bees.  


Talking about death won’t kill you, and timely, structured conversations with beneficiaries can avert potential catastrophe. Legacy Foundry’s suite of tools makes these discussions painless, productive, and personally fulfilling.

Define your family's future.

Without deliberate conversations about your wishes, an otherwise sterling legacy can be undermined by mistaken assumptions, unspoken or outdated plans, and legal complication.  How we pass the torch is no less important than the pains taken to light it, and Legacy Foundry exists to thread the needle between thorny financial, emotional, and interpersonal issues that might otherwise prevent good end of life planning.  We help our members create definitive pathways for unexpected circumstances, and the completion of our full course should allow you to conclude life intentionally, with the full support of your family.  With the proper plans in place, children, grandchildren, and other beneficiaries can flourish instead of fighting their way through a fog of fear and uncertainty.  Let Legacy Foundry help you put those plans in place.


What Can Legacy Foundry Do for You?

Build Relationships

Legacy Foundry helps its users strengthen, rekindle, and establish relationships with benefactors, as they create a plan of action for their final days. Users may construct personality profiles, share stories, and use discussion guides to help forge a coherent, unified, and secure vision for the last phase of life.

Expert Guidance

Legacy Foundry has compiled and summarized research on the pitfalls and opportunities presented by a family member’s serious hospitalization, passing, or need for long-term care.  Guided exercises and instructional videos help users navigate difficult conversations and challenging relationships.

Achieve Consensus

All users perform thought exercises to identify core values, and commonalities with other family members’ values are used as the basis for productive communication. 

Security & Customization

Legacy Foundry provides a secure digital space for users to engage one another, share ideas and memories, protect documents, and facilitate productive communication.  As life changes occur, some agreements will require evolution, and we make it easy to include your family in any requisite updates.


What can Legacy Foundry do for you?


Building Relationships

Legacy Foundry helps families strengthen, rekindle, and even establish relationships across generations, building a response framework for medical emergencies or a death in the family.

Building Relationships

Each member may construct a personality profile, share stories, and access discussion guides to find common ground and forge a coherent vision for the last phases of life. Shared decision-making between family members is emphasized, and an iterative process is encouraged through innovative education modules, philanthropic exercises, and joint money management tools.


Expert Guidance

Legacy Foundry has compiled and summarized research on the pitfalls and opportunities presented by a family member's serious hospitalization, passing or need for long-term care.

Expert Guidance

Exercises and instructional videos help our users navigate difficult conversations and challenging relationships. Optional educational modules address issues like financial literacy and help our users rank legacy priorities, steer difficult conversations, and navigate challenging family dynamics.


Achieve Consensus

All users perform thought exercises to identify core values, and commonalities with other family members' values are used as the basis for productive communication.

Achieve Consensus

From the outset, members are guided through important thought exercises to identify a path maximizes meaning and purpose. These findings can provide fertile ground for conversations with family about risk and how specific changes in health should affect their medical, fiscal, and legal activity. Advisors can be included in this process and provide targeted support where needed.


Security & Customization

Legacy Foundry provides a secure environment where users can share thoughts and memories, safely store legal documents, and engage in shielded communication.

Security & Customization

While there's significant guidance included in the Legacy Foundry process, it remains a highly personlized process, and members are encouraged to communicate and cooperate at their at their respective comfort levels. Privacy controls are simple and powerful, allowing members to provide or deny individual access to their module results and legal documents, including contingent privacy settings triggered by death or incapacitation.

Don't let a lifetime of hard work go to waste! Legacy Foundry helps you navigate advanced medical directives, heritable asset planning, charitable giving, and power of attorney decisions. Our program provides bespoke financial literacy modules for beneficiaries and encourages intergenerational dialogue wherever practicable. These are some of the most impactful decisions you'll make, and we are here to help you translate a successful past and present into a flourishing future.

Find out your top Values!

When it comes to making decisions about your estate, advance directives, and the legacy you leave behind, your values are a cornerstone in the decision-making process.  Identifying your values then becomes an important step in your planning.

Founding the Foundry

Imagined at 1O.1O.1O | Denver

Legacy Foundry was the brainchild of Legacy Foundry CEO Sean Kennedy’s team at the 2018 1O.1O.1O Health program.  A startup generator focused alleviating social pain points, this 10 day program selected 10 entrepreneurs and challenged them to work on 10 wicked problems in healthcare.  Kennedy’s team was drawn to the problems arising from our cultural reluctance to talk about death and dying. These issues costs us billions of dollars each year. They damage family relations, derail the wishes of millions, and prevent us from making the most of our final days.  Legacy Foundry is building full-featured virtual space to facilitate and support discussion of this oft-avoided topic.


Our Leadership

Sean Kennedy, Founder and CEO

Sean Kennedy loves the startup world. He spent the majority of his career trying to solve the unique problems that only new companies seem crazy enough to attempt. In May of 2018, Sean was invited to join 10.10.10, a social impact organization that brings 10 seasoned entrepreneurs together for 10 days to work on 10 wicked problems. Sean chose to focus on our unwillingness to have the conversation around death and dying. Those 10 days and that problem germinated into the idea that has become Legacy Foundry.

Sean spent the previous seven years working on healthcare workflow solutions with Aventura Software as director then VP of engineering. Prior to Aventura, Sean was CEO and founder of an Internet EDI company providing supply chain services to retailers. Prior to that, Sean was CEO of a video game development studio. One of his earliest professional experiences was as an R&D engineer building sales force automation for big pharma in the mid-90s. The sale of that company is what got Sean hooked on the entrepreneurial world. He now takes any opportunity he can to apply his knowledge and experience to fun, challenging problems.

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