One solution to your three biggest challenges.

Acquire more clients, retain assets under management, and build a saleable business. All while bringing your clients better end-of-life planning through improving transparent family communication, building trust, and protecting your client’s legacy.

Discover a new, better way to grow.

Old school prospecting and networking doesn’t work with the younger generation, but they are about to inherit millions in assets and they need your help. With us, you can shift your focus from client relationships to family relationships, connecting with your client’s heirs, retaining assets, and ensuring your business is attractive to buyers when the time comes.


Legacy Foundry enables you to:

1. Acquire new customers through family referrals.
Create a diversified, valuable, saleable business.
3. Help your clients solidify and communicate estate and end-of-life plans.
4. Position yourself as a trusted facilitator to the whole family.

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