Update and Direction

Haven’t posted in a while but Legacy is still going strong.  I’m not a huge fan of going direct to consumer(B2C) because of the difficulties associated with getting traction for an app in an overwhelmed and oversaturated market.  Social media is training us to be very leery of most ads even if what those ads […]

Sex, Death and Sales – When taboos sell and when they don’t

The Taboos Our least favorite conversation to have with parents or children is the one about sex.  Those damn Puritans tied so many rules and taboos to the topic that we’ve been ingrained to forget that we are just mammals and sex is a natural part of our biology.  Thanks to our cultural taboos, knowing […]

Death: Is It Just Bad PR?

Famous writer/director Woody Allen said, “I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”   It is rather odd that death, an event that will be happen to every person who lives, should be so shunned as a topic of conversation.  Death is, as one Buddhist monk put it, […]

Being Mortal – Book Review

Atul Gawande is one of my favorite authors.  I loved the Checklist Manifesto and was able to take a lot of those ideas to improve business processes in pretty much any venture I’ve been involved with.  Gawande has the gift of identifying an obvious truth where others see only complexity.  In Being Mortal, he takes […]

Ever been to a death cafe?

One of the first thoughts that came up for me when I heard the term death café was “What the hell is on the menu?”  Turns out, not that type of café. The death café I attended was being hosted at the Tattered Cover Bookstore, one of the landmarks and cultural mainstays of Denver.  The […]