Legacy Foundry FAQs

How does Legacy Foundry benefit families?

End-of-life planning can be complicated and intimidating. Our platform is designed to streamline and demystify the process for families.

For starters, our software provides an easy-to-use, “one-stop shop” for families to engage in estate planning and legacy preservation. Every step of the way, we provide efficient, timely educational resources to support families in their decision-making.

Legacy Foundry also benefits families by guiding them towards family conversations that truly reinforce their legacy. Our software isn’t designed to merely walk families through a checklist; it’s designed to inspire communication on the end-of-life topics that far too many people avoid. 

We believe that carefully designed technology can help families break the ice on these topics. The resulting conversations lead to far greater family cohesion and peace of mind.

How does this benefit financial advisors? Is the Legacy Foundry process extra work for the advisor?

Legacy Foundry’s software is designed to help financial advisors build strong, lasting relationships with clients and their families — without expending additional effort.

Our platform provides detailed insights into clients and families’ estate planning processes, allowing advisors to maximize their effectiveness with relatively little effort. We also provide a customized content delivery system that streamlines financial advisors’ communication with clients and their families.

In short, our software gives advisors a simple, organic way to deepen existing relationships and form new ones with extended family. This results in a broader asset base, better asset retention, and a more efficient way of advising clients.

What types of information and documentation are stored on Legacy Foundry?

Our platform securely stores essential legal and financial documents, as well as family treasures such as photos, stories, and videos. By using our software, families can store important plans and beloved memories in one place, so that families and their advisors can access them easily in an emergency. 

All documents and files are stored at state-of-the-art levels of security, and families can decide exactly who has access to each of the files. The result is a personalized, maximum-security vault that preserves the family’s estate plans and personal legacy.

How is information used and shared on Legacy Foundry?

We never sell or share any information that users store in our software. Legacy Foundry users have complete power to choose exactly who has access to their estate planning documents and other files. Families are given the ability to empower trusted advisors to view documents, track the family’s progress toward planning goals, conveniently schedule meetings, and facilitate family discussions. 

How does Legacy Foundry ensure security for its users?

The co-founders of Legacy Foundry previously founded an electronic medical records firm, and our team remains at the cutting edge of information security. We have decades of experience protecting sensitive patient health information, and the Legacy Foundry platform utilizes industry-best practices for maximum security. 

Does this software replace people?

Software can never replace the human connections that are essential to end-of-life planning, and software can never replace the role of a trusted financial advisor. Instead, our software is designed to enhance conversations among family members, with the family’s advisor positioned as a trusted guide and facilitator.

Put another way: our entire team is deeply committed to using the principles of human-centered design to ensure that our software augments human relationships instead of replacing them.

What role does behavioral science play in the software?

Hundreds of peer-reviewed academic studies have shown that humans are hard-wired to avoid discussing — or even thinking about — anything related to mortality, including estate planning. Overcoming this fundamental human trait requires a deep understanding of psychology and other branches of behavioral science

Our R&D team has spent countless hours developing techniques that “prime” families to overcome their resistance to end-of-life topics. We have partnered with academic behavioral science researchers, gamification experts, data scientists, and other thought leaders in a wide range of related fields. Our team has also conducted original research on families’ estate planning behavior and conversation habits, including a number of nationally representative surveys.

We won’t reveal all of our secrets here, but we’ve uncovered a number of techniques that dramatically improve families’ comfort with end-of-life topics — and all of these techniques are built into our platform.

How does Legacy Foundry facilitate discussions about aging and end-of-life planning?

According to polling data, more than 90% of Americans are willing to discuss end-of-life topics with their families, but only 30% actually do so. However, when families are supported and “nudged” in the right ways — through easy-to-digest educational modules, well-timed reminders from a trusted advisor, and other supports — they’re much more likely to overcome their initial resistance to discussing challenging topics. 

When these tools are deployed properly, the door to better family communication is opened. It becomes much easier for families to talk, plan, and work together, and they become immeasurably closer in the process.

How does this integrate with existing CRM software and processes?

We work with advisors to customize connections between their existing CRM software and the Legacy Foundry platform. This approach allows advisors to use our platform to its full potential, without requiring additional time and effort.

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