Navigating life, last wishes and legacy.

It's complicated. We can help.

Planning for aging and end-of-life can be challenging. Legacy Foundry is here to help. Our secure, web-based platform provides tools and resources to streamline end-of-life conversations and decisions.

What we do


Learn how values determine choices across a lifespan and what drives end-of-life decisions.


Decide where and how you want to live, what you want to happen as you age, and who will be involved.


Discuss essential health, care, and lifestyle decisions beyond legal documents, share wishes and establish consensus.


Document financial plans and medical wishes while preserving family history and passing on what is truly valued.

Why it matters

Intergenerational wealth transfers are complex, often leaving families fractured and in a precarious state. Fully 70% of wealth transfers fail, 85% of those due to a breakdown in communication and inadequately prepared heirs.

Providing lasting security for a family requires honoring values, thoughtful discussion, planning, and expert consideration of financial outcomes. This is about more than just taxes. Guided, cooperative end-of-life planning prevents the dysfunction that often accompanies death, enabling families to remain both financially and emotionally whole.

Legacy Foundry FAQs

Why would I use Legacy Foundry if legal and financial arrangements have already been discussed?

Legacy Foundry helps loved ones and their advisors explore aging and planning for the end of life more deeply. Decisions called for in a crisis can’t always be dictated through a legal or financial document, and circumstances often change. 

Trusted advisors use our tools to help families discuss values and share wishes in an ongoing way that includes difficult topics, considers relationship dynamics, and provides everyone a central bank of information. 

How does Legacy Foundry facilitate discussions about aging and end-of-life planning?

Legacy Foundry provides psychological and communications resources to help families, and their advisors, have more meaningful discussions and better decision-making processes. Family dynamics can be complicated and paralyzing. By asking the right questions, we provide safe ways to share concerns, improving estate protection, and family resilience, in the process.

What types of information and documentation are stored on Legacy Foundry?

We store official documents such as financial records and medical powers of attorney, as well as family treasures like photos and memories. We make sure all of a family’s plans and legacy are kept in one place, known to family members, and readily accessible either online or through an advisor.

How is information used, shared and secured on Legacy Foundry?

The user decides what information is stored in their Legacy Foundry Vault, choosing when, and with whom, it is shared on our secure platform. Family profiles are built and shared by each individual. Users can enable trusted advisors to view documents, track the family’s progress toward planning goals, conveniently schedule meetings, and facilitate discussions amongst family members.

Advisors can provide expert guidance tailored to the values of clients and heirs, resulting in a collaborative effort to carry out aging and legacy plans.

Who pays for all of this?

Legacy Foundry works directly with advisors who offer this program as a way to better protect the entire legacy and values of the families they serve.

Advisors can provide expert guidance tailored to the values of clients and heirs, resulting in a collaborative effort to carry out aging and legacy plans.

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