Living Well to the Very End

Do loved ones know your wishes?

We all know there will come a time when we can’t make our own decisions anymore.  As much as we hate to think about that, it’s important that our wishes are known and understood by the people that matter to us.  The easier we make the decisions for those loved ones the more we ease their burden.

The Foundry

At Legacy Foundry, we want to help you ensure those wishes are understood by loved ones and medical providers.  We will help you fill in the necessary documentation like advance directives (living will), MOST forms, or medical power of attorney, then build a community around your wishes.  

Once the mechanics are complete, you can start building your legacy.  What wisdom do you want to pass down to your loved ones?  How would you like to contribute back to society?  Get the family involved and pick the favorite memories that you want those important to you to keep close when you’re no longer around.