Our Story

Legacy Foundry is the brainchild of CEO Sean Kennedy’s team at the 2018, 1O.1O.1O Health program. A startup generator focused on alleviating social pain points, this 10-day program selected 10 entrepreneurs and challenged them to work on 10 wicked problems in healthcare. Kennedy’s team was drawn to the problems arising from our cultural reluctance to talk about death and dying. These issues cost us billions of dollars each year. They damage family relations, derail the wishes of millions, and prevent us from making the most of our final days. Legacy Foundry is a full-featured virtual space to facilitate and support discussion of this oft-avoided topic.

Our Team

Sean Kennedy

Captain Ahab

Joe Wheeler

Tony Stark

Stephanie Sims

Rose Nylund

Amy Doughty

Penelope Garcia

Charles Bibilos


Lauren Yeates

Willow Rosenberg

Clint Nieman

Jack McFarland

Lionel Sakou


Cliff Straw


Stew Scott


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