Sarah’s Story

LF Persona shot1Sarah and her husband, Brad, live in Denver. Though she is busy with her career and her family lives in different cities, Sarah remains close with her family via weekly catch-up calls and yearly visits to their house on the lake. Last year, Sarah’s father learned he had skin cancer and treated it early before it spread. While she knew it wasn’t life-threatening, she sensed her father was nervous and it was the first time she and her siblings talked about what will happen when her parents approach their final years. Sarah found it overwhelming to bring up the subject over the phone with each family member and she agreed with her husband that bringing it up during the family vacation at the lake house wasn’t the right time.

Then Sarah heard about Legacy Foundry. We were able to help ease her into the conversation with her father and eventually her siblings. It turns out her father had wanted to write a living will for years but thought he needed an attorney to get started. Now Sarah and her siblings have a copy along with the confidence that they know exactly what their father’s final wishes are when the time comes.